Crime Brawlers is a fighting video game created by Larry Larkin, developed by NetherRealm Studios and Paradox Productions with the publisher by Dimps. Releases in November 13, 2000 for PC and Dreamcast with PlayStation 2 with Xbox, at the make hd in late 2004 alongside Steam.

Plot Edit

In 2010, criminals have take over with. Living never peace, if make disaster, somepoint haves a problem about contract says "Crime is legal", is make by Luke Gannyson, if manner fated, for reason no more illegal for criminals at Sammy McTevish must stop any crimes, but won't make any seens until she stop Luke (at needing a hero). One reclaiming to the Crime Tournament, each criminals have make to fight of death, each other surivived or not, if will stop Luke Gannyson and maked crime is illegal.

Gameplay Edit

Complains within this game, if showing that might being crinimal. Each this game will have fighting and crime (not like Mortal Kombat, when have multi gameplays of first game to the best series). Crime Brawlers is should be 3D like other games. Have overwall gameplay with modern elements, each different features are not minus and most plus. Haved many special moves for each characters, many things will featuring finishing move above fatalities style, "Killer Crimes", every same things will criminals got thinks to kill each other, that's made by PP. Cause you needing to attack enemy at the shield health, somepoint of the first game of the Paradox Productions, that's remain at strongest gameplay.

Characters Edit

Complains of Crime Brawlers' playable characters at 18 with two sub-bosses and the final boss at the started.

Default Edit

Purchase Edit

  • 0ragen
  • Henry Devil
  • Jackadra
  • Mosquito Attacker
  • Nerrigan
  • Paul HeroStand
  • Rayzordo
  • Tank Loyalist
  • Virus Creature
  • Zak

Non-Playable Edit

  • Arnold Junior
  • Barbie Junior
  • Miss Jenny
  • Officer Clapflack
  • Toul

Arenas Edit

Default Edit

  1. Contains of Blind
  2. Dead Prisons
  3. Echo Schoolers
  4. Fary Darkness
  5. Fulitic Labs
  6. Guard Forcered HQ
  7. Machines of Town
  8. Nucky's Junkyard
  9. Nycha Show
  10. Souls and Consumes
  11. Themo's Living Home
  12. Tiny Sparkers
  13. Tour of the Underground

Purchase Edit

  1. Gaming Stars Tournament
  2. Luke Garryson's Office
  3. Military Squad HQ