Kardock Bennington is a character of the Crime Brawlers fighting series. He is one of the playable of each Crime Brawlers games, some reason without him in each fighting game of Crime Brawlers who is NPC.

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Kardock was an official bad boy, completed dumb and disliked people. After that was happen cause he destroy all schools. He arrest at he become criminal to put in jail. Later he have enough for bad guy, he became a good guy while being escape and seens contract said crime is legal, as many crimes will came out in Crime Tournament.

Kardock meets Sammy at telling about Luke, crime boss who kill mayor at the time. But Kardock Bennington tells her that she became criminal at the that, if up to him to stop crime boss Luke Gannyson.

Appearance Edit

Kardock Bennington have appears as prison suit, at orange or black and white. His face is different at serious, then being complains his primary costume in Crime Brawlers series above each games of PP.

Bios Edit

  • Crime Brawlers - "Despair as young Kardock Bennington, who living his town, New York City, who is much furious and complains of murders on school. Infact for his complete idiot at school, he was student at formed in 17 years ago that he is arrest and put in jail. In present, Kardock was maded crazy ideas while being respect being crimes, if he haves free to let join Crimes Tournament. However, Kardock wasn't make choices at future.

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